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Dr Feinberg and his staff are caring about what goes on with their patients! It is not just about getting their patients in and out, placing braces and taking them off; it is about what is best for the CHILD! I have seen numerous "factories" of orthodontists that my friends have bought their children to and they are in and out every few weeks and after a year, their braces are off and that's it. Dr Feinberg and his staff have the knowledge and skills to know what it takes to make children (and adults) have lifelong results that goes ways beyond cosmetics and teeth straightening, but also the factors we as parents do not even begin to think about, like jaw relationships.
Dr. Feinberg gives children rewards and they love to have a reason to come back..they love making their "own money" for Itunes, by simply getting an A in school! I appreciate any health provider giving a child money for A in school!! (check out his patient hub rewards! the kids love it!!!)
Thanks Dr F!!!!! (and staff!)!

Dr. Feinberg is always smiling. He is always encouraging, positive and reassuring. His staff is usually gentle. Even when I get my braces tightened or new brackets put on my teeth, it is never painful. I highly recommend his services.


orthodontists are the best

Dr. Feinberg is so nice!